Shell Shocked

When we first saw this gorgeous, gleaming seashell serveware, we were speechless. Crafted with artisan details and exotic materials, these gems turn table tops into eclectic art displays. We touched base with an Sashi Dekor expert to learn a little more about a few of our favorites.

1. & 2. Melo Seashell Servers

Big Melo shells, beautiful turbos, real nacre mother of pearl, giant clams, and other shells offer an elegant style for lovers of the exotic, original, and unique.

3. Nautilus Seashell Server

From the tropical waters of the Indo-Pacific ocean comes the soft pearl-colored Nautilus.

4. Tagua Seed Tray

The tagua seed or nut comes from the tagua palm, and is known as the ivory vegetable.

By Katie Flynn, Editor

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June 16, 2012