Don’t Just Be Loved, Be Like-ed

You know that pulse-quickening excitement that stirs when friends “Like” or comment on your Facebook updates? At the same time, ever wonder why that tirade about your horrific commute was blatantly ignored? Here are a few tips to make your must-tell-the-world moments your finest.


Think Positive
More likely than not, you have a friend (or five) who posts passive aggressive status updates. “Worst day EVERRRRRRR!  :(” Don’t be that person. To put it simply: post about things that make you happy. Need proof? Just know that 23% of Facebook users de-friend people because of depressing status updates (so says the social media experts at Mashable).

Ask Away
A great way to get some comment love is to outright ask for it. Share your opinion and then ask your friends what they think. See something funny/beautiful/compelling and feel the need to snap a photo of it? Post it on Facebook and ask your friends to caption it. You’ll be amazed at how many comments you get.

Be A Friend
The way Facebook is configured, just by liking and commenting on your friends’ Facebook content, your posts are more likely to appear at the top of their feed. Plus, it gives them a dose of that mini pat on the back that we all love so much. Mashable agrees:

It’s called a social network for a reason, so we can’t forget to engage with those around us. It really can be easy to forget sometimes, when you try to focus on sharing your posts and keeping your page up to date.


Over Sharing
Be choosy about what you post. Even Mom doesn’t want to see a photo of every meal you eat or a play-by-play of your commute. Here’s what Independent Fashion Bloggers has for advice:

It can be helpful to keep in mind the idea that just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. Indeed, you can now tell thousands of people that you’re eating a sandwich, or that you could really use a nap – but truthfully, no one cares. Everyone is living their day-to-day life eating, breathing and sleeping, it’s the special and unique things we want to see from each other and should want to share.

Too Much Promotion
Want to tell all of your friends about your fundraiser or new business venture? Go ahead and post it, but don’t overdo it. Mashable estimates that 39% of Facebook users will de-friend people who try to sell to them. Your friends will “tell” you if you are being too promotional by not liking and commenting on your status.

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By Veronica Vandoloski, Social Media Guru

June 14, 2012