Afternoon Treat: 5 Ways to Celebrate National Macaroon Day Today

Tell us there’s a day dedicated solely to macaroons, and we’ll tell you how to celebrate – all while munching on these flourless coconut cookies.

1. Learn the difference between macaroon and macaron. The Kitchn demystifies the misconceptions (but if you ask us, we think you can’t go wrong with either).

2. Make macaroons. Learn how to bake your own, whenever you feel like it, courtesy of Smitten Kitchen. Just try and share them – we dare you.

3. Eat macaroons. Ok, so if (or when) the baking doesn’t work, the Huffington Post lists four spots for snagging a box of ready-made ones.

4. Find a safe spot for jewelry. House your rings in these too-cute French macaron boxes, via Domestikated Life.

5. Stare at macaroons. On Pinterest or Tastespotting, spend your afternoon drooling over photogenic macaroons.

– By Melissa Mann, Staff Writer

May 31, 2012