It’s a Blogger’s World (We Just Live in It)

1. Happy Interior Blog
Igor, a marketing consultant and globetrotter, shares what makes him happy from ocean vistas to glorious home interiors.
2. Natalie’s Sketch Book
We’re jonesing for these inspiring paintings and drawings from a freelance textile designer.
3. b for bonnie
This ex-aspiring fashion designer turned professional photographer has a spectacular eye for flowers, fashion, and food.
4. We Heart New York
Art exhibits, pizza, book stores – that doesn’t even cover the gist of all of the reasons why New York is one of the greatest cities on earth.
5. Dressed Up Alligators
Is it wrong if we want to borrow every outfit that Diana showcases on her what-she-wore journal?

Be on the lookout for more blogs we love every Friday afternoon.

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May 11, 2012