Rue How-To: Lace Lighting

Looking for an instant hit of decorating cheer? This DIY lace lighting, courtesy of Rue Art Director Katie Sarna and mastermind behind What Katie Made, has the magic touch.

You’ll Need:
Lace fabric (old lace curtains work great)
A large balloon
Fishing line
A light bulb
A light bulb cord (like this one from IKEA)

1. Cut out the lace patterns within the fabric (this one has flowers).
2. Blow up the balloon and fasten a string to the end.
3. Smother the cutout pieces in glue and place them on the balloon. Build them out in sections, allowing it to dry completely between pieces. Warning: this step is messy!
4. Leave an opening at the balloon’s knot, and once everything is dry, string fishing around the center.
5. For the great finale: Pop the balloon and insert the attached light bulb-cord combination inside.

– By Katie Flynn, Editor

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May 9, 2012