Amped-Up Referral Benefits Terms and Conditions

You will continue to be eligible to receive the standard $10 Reward Credit within 24 – 48 hours from when each of your friends’ first order ships (an “Initial Order”). After an Initial Order, if the friend that made the Initial Order completes another purchase on Rue La La in a given month (each, a “Subsequent Purchase”), you will receive seven (7) consecutive days (the “Free Ship Period”) of free standard shipping* (“Free Shipping”).  Limit of one Free Ship Period for multiple purchases by the same friend in a given month. You can only earn a maximum of four weeks of Free Shipping per month.  Within the first two weeks after the end of each month during the promotion period, we will send you an email that includes your Free Shipping results for the prior month (the “Free Ship Email”).

If you are participating in The Rue 365® or The Rue 30 when your friend makes a Subsequent Purchase, any Free Shipping earned via this referral benefit promotion will be applied at the beginning of the month following the Subsequent Purchase, and will extend the term of the available shipping period under your account for The Rue 365 or The Rue 30, as applicable.

If you are not participating in The Rue 365 or The Rue 30 when your friend makes a Subsequent Purchase, the Free Ship Period will start on the date that we send the Free Ship Email and the Free Shipping will automatically expire at the end of the Free Ship Period.

*Some special product, order, and/or handling fees, and/or taxes may still apply to certain purchases. If only some items in an order are eligible for free standard shipping, applicable shipping charges will be charged for the ineligible items. Rue La La return policies apply to all returns of eligible items that were purchased using this promotion.

This promotion is not transferrable. Rue La La reserves the right to change or cancel this promotion, including any remaining Free Shipping provided under this promotion, at any time for any reason and without notice. In the event of a cancelation of this promotion, we will send you a final Free Ship Email (for your Free Shipping activity in the calendar month preceding the cancelation). Rue La La reserves the right to revoke or prohibit your participation in this promotion for any reason, at any time, in our sole discretion, without notice, including when we suspect fraud or misuse. Rue La La’s determination of any Free Ship Periods is final.

Use of the website and this promotion are also governed by our Terms of Use, as well as all other applicable terms, conditions, limitations, and requirements on the website.

May 9, 2012