Mom Knows (Style) Best

In honor of Mother’s Day, we took to the Twittersphere and poked around Facebook to find out the best style advice our Members ever got from their Mothers. Check out some of our favorite responses (below) then head over to today’s Boutique, “The Things Our Mothers Gave Us” to see how we put their tips to good use.

“There is no such thing as being overdressed. Thx Mom!” – @finerfeelingskc

“Don’t buy a size smaller just because you’d rather be in that size. Buy the size that actually fits. You’ll look and feel better.” – @katyaevans

“Always wear a slip and clean underwear in case you get hit by a bus. Mom was more practical than fashionable and apparently afraid of buses!” – Terri D.

“Buy it because it flatters you, not just because it’s trendy.” – @brittneydeanne

“Spend the money on a good trench coat. It never goes out of style.” – Suzan R.

“Classics make the wardrobe, trends accent it.” – Rose D.

“Always wear good bras!” – @blairsheadband

“Two words: Audrey Hepburn.” – Aukse G.

“When in doubt, belt it.” – Alyssa H.

“Shoes make (or break) any outfit.” – Veralynn P.

“The higher the heel the smaller the butt!” – Lorraine S.

“Always wear sunglasses outside. Your non-wrinkled temples will thank you someday.” – Joan S.

– By Keriann Coffey, Associate Blog Editor

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April 27, 2012