For the Love of the Game: Fenway’s Opening Day

Confession: We’re a little (okay, very!) partial to our home team, the Boston Red Sox. And with the home opener finally here, we checked in with our Associate Creative Director, Rachel Solomon, who just happens to be a three-time published Final Fenway Fiction writer, for her musings on what makes the game so special.

The first game I remember was with my aunt’s boyfriend. I fell in love with the game – and this is coming from someone who hates sports. It’s so quiet and romantic, unfolding like a story. It’s two people head-to-head and then on to the next chapter.

I am in love with the underdog romance of Fenway. The heritage is so delicious. It’s like we’re holding a little flame of belief in a tsunami of darkness.

I remember games in terms of circumstances rather than plays. In the late 1990s, when I didn’t have much money, I took my dad to a game on Father’s Day. The seats were terrible, all the way in the bleachers and it was 90 degrees. Later on, I found out that his friend got him really good seats behind the dugout, but he wanted to go with his daughter.

As a Red Sox fan, I live in a world of fiction. I decided to write these stories to answer the what-ifs. When Manny first moved to Boston to play for the Red Sox, I really liked his child-like spirit. So I invited him over for dinner. Although he never answered my letter, I asked what if he did. Or what if two friends, a Yankee and a Red Sox fan, would get married if the Sox won the World Series?

It’s peanuts all the way. I have this belief that calories don’t count at Fenway – so I can also eat some Cracker Jacks and maybe a Fenway frank too.

I don’t wear shorts because I don’t want to be all sweaty and sticking to the seats. I’ll do a low-cut bootie or summery perforated boots. I won’t wear a Red Sox tee, but I will put on something red. A waterproof bag is key, in case the guy sitting next to you spills beer.

– By Marissa Dubin, Staff Writer

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April 13, 2012