It’s a Blogger’s World (We Just Live in It)

There’s something about the approaching weekend that has us surfing the blog world more than usual. With that in mind, we’re planning on sharing our favorite findings every Friday. TGIF, seriously!

Like a vault of inspiration dedicated to all matters of style, art, design, music, and food, we’re blocking off time on the calendar just to indulge.

Everything about this blog for children (and parents) is beautiful, thoughtful, and endearing. Sweet!

3. La Buena Vida
To food-centric Brooklyn adventures documented with mouthwatering photography, we say yes a thousand times over.

4. Put This On
A masculine approach to style with webisodes, advice, and an on-point tagline “A Web Series About Dressing like a Grownup” has us putting on the headphones and tuning in.

5. Beyoncé I am
Too bootylicious for us? We think not. The diva’s very own Tumblr is a never-ending flow of inspiring photos.

Be on the lookout for more blogs we love every Friday afternoon.

April 13, 2012