NYFW Fall 2012 Designer Preview

What’s in store for the upcoming fall collections? Here’s a little sneak peek from the designers themselves.

The AW12 collection is actually quite personal for me, more so than usual. I had the luxury of spending some extended time at my childhood home this fall, and the time away from the city made me quite nostalgic for all the great memories I had seemingly forgotten over the years. Visions of playing hooky from gym class in high school, driving around at 2AM on hot summer nights with friends, lying in the back of my friend’s SUV on rainy nights with the back hatch propped open as the interior windows coated over with fog… Ultimately, the whole experience consumed me and I began using these memories from my past as a catalyst for the collection.

designed by Max and Lubov Azria
For BCBGMAXAZRIA runway: Bauhaus. For Herve Leger by Max Azria: Restraint, seduction, and control.

designed by Deborah Lloyd
Gamine French girls out and about in Paris.

For the Fall 2012 collection, I was inspired by the idea of dress-up, sparkle, shine and the merriment of the holidays. Judy Garland, midwestern travel, and the charm of 1950s formality formed the foundations of the collection.

designed by Jeffrey Monteiro
Paintings by Anette Harboe Flensburg.

The title of the collection is “Silent Assassins.” It’s loosely based on the kung fu epics I grew up watching. I was always drawn to the subtle and quiet violence in every graceful movement.

designed by Steven Cox and Daniel Silver
We are always inspired by our hearts – and the lives we lead, and what we see every day.

My inspiration began with a trip to the Pacific Northwest section of Powell’s bookstore in Portland, Oregon when visiting in the spring. The book The Women by Edward S. Curtis features portraits of Native American women from the early 1900s. The women are wearing strikingly modern outfits, mixing plaid trading blankets over traditionally beaded and embellished textiles. The mixing of natural materials is graphic, textural, and impactful.

Landscape architecture – Fall/Winter is about urban environments meeting nature combined with the minimalism of the 1950s and 60s.

For Fall, I was inspired by dragons and I explored a mythical tribe of women who mastered them. In exploring their lives, I also explored their downfall. I’ve always found that there is something magnetic about your funeral, along with your birth or your wedding day. They’re all the start of something significant.

Seeing parallels from the past playing out in the present – socially and politically.

Lauren David Peden writes for Rue La La as a Contributing Editor.

February 4, 2012