A Beginner’s Guide To Talking The (Football) Talk

We fully realize not everyone is looking forward to The Big Game this Sunday (some might not even know who’s playing). Instead of declining that party invite altogether, brush up on a few football terms and get ready to cheer.

Whoever currently has the football.
In other words: That molten chocolate cake with salted caramel ice cream? You’ll have to pry it away from me.

Line of Scrimmage
An invisible line at the start of a play; there’s one for each team. No player can cross it until the ball is put into motion via a “snap.”
In other words: Boundaries. “This half of the closet is mine. This half is yours.”

Interception or Picked Off
A thrown pass caught mid-air by a defensive team member, at which time the defense gains possession and becomes the offense.
In other words: The sudden realization that you should have clicked “Quick, Buy It!”

Open Receiver
An offensive team player who is available to receive the ball because there is not a defender nearby.
In other words: A full day of uninterrupted shopping.

Stiff Arm
When the player in possession of the ball uses their arm to ward off being hit or tackled.
In other words: The move we sometimes resort to at a sample sale.

Loose Ball
When the ball is dropped, fumbled, or erratically kicked and is not in the possession of any team; whichever team picks it up gains possession.
In other words: “That Hermès belt isn’t sold out? It’s anyone’s game.”

Our Sunday Night Styleathon starts at 8PM ET this Super Bowl Sunday. Shop from your mobile device – and when you score, feel free to demo your best touchdown dance.

February 3, 2012