Dressed To Impress: Valentine’s Day Edition

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we wanted to know – could your date’s attire really make or break a rendezvous? To find out, we took to the Twittersphere and asked our Members their take on the different outfit scenarios below. Turns out, outfits say a lot about you (as we expected). Guys, you might want to forget the chocolates and simply concentrate on your ensemble.

If your V-Day date showed up in tweed, you’d think…

“Am I dating a professor or a grandfather?”

If your date wore something sparkly, you’d think…
“We match!!:)”

“That he had been raiding Steven Tyler’s closet!”

If your Valentine’s Day date showed up in a blazer and dark jeans, you’d think…
“FINALLY! A man that actually dresses well (provided the shirt under the blazer wasn’t bad).”

“We found our soulmate!”

Our ELLE + Rue La La: What Your V-Day Style Says About You Boutique is now open.

February 1, 2012