5 Style Rules To Break This Winter

With all the casual get-togethers on the horizon (like super bowl shindigs and stag parties on Valentine’s Day), we want to look our best. But no need to be confined to a sartorial status quo. Here are 5 easy ways to shake things up – just enough.

1. White!
Creamy leather bags, bright white denim tucked into rugged boots, and winter white cords with cozy sweaters.

2. Plaids, meet stripes.
Don’t be afraid of a little pattern power struggle. A tartan tie and striped sport shirt can get along after all.

3. Bring outerwear in.
Plan whole all-day outfits using fall jackets. Top a maxi with a cropped leather jacket or try a tweed blazer over a T-shirt and jeans.

4. Daytime dancing shoes.
Swap in formal footwear with everyday looks. Just picture: patent pumps will do wonders for cropped jeans and a drapey top.

5. The dusky showdown.
Mix and match brown, black, and navy. Our advice: dim the lights and make sure you can still distinguish the different pieces.

January 30, 2012


  1. Eko says:

    I live in Queensland, Australia and the T-Shirt is biclsalay the national uniform all year round for men, except for the coldest months of winter. I can’t exactly blame them because of the heat, but a polo-shirt is much smarter when it’s not 5 sizes too small or big and has the color popped like a Chav. A light jacket with little lining is also a viable option.However, there is also a stigma against well dressed men in Queensland.