Refresh With Lake Austin

It’s mid January – and we know you’ve got healthy living on the mind. We turned to the pros at Lake Austin Spa Resort for their expert tips on staying healthy, happy, and balanced – all the year through.

Rue La La: For many of us, January is all about trying to establish a new exercise regimen. Any special classes you’d recommend to get started on a healthy, rejuvenated year?
Lake Austin: Our FatBurner class is an outstanding workout that can kickstart a fitness program or refresh an established routine. The class includes cardio segments and weight training in a sophisticated and scientifically designed interval format that works in a weight training room, studio setting, or the fresh outdoors.

Rue La La: We’re all about classes that offer something completely new and different. Tell us about one that gets guests out of their comfort zone. What are the benefits of the class?
Lake Austin: Beaming™ is a unique class where various modes of movements (yoga, Pilates, strength, and cardio) are performed on top of a soft balance beam that sits on the floor. Although it seems deceptively simple, our guests are surprised about the amount of physical and mental focus required to maintain balance and control. One of the most interesting benefits is the reminder that our physical and emotional sides operate best when in a “balanced” state.

Rue La La: Okay, we need some spa daydreaming fodder. Tell us about a few of your favorite new treatments for 2012.
Lake Austin: The Lemongrass Bamboo Bliss is a signature treatment with a deeply relaxing scrub and massage. This begins with an effervescent body scrub of zesty lemongrass and jasmine to smooth and exfoliate your skin. Then you’ll enjoy a relaxing massage with a specially crafted bamboo roll and Thai lemongrass oil. The bamboo roll is warmed and infused with lemongrass oil and can cover a large portion of your body at one time, sliding, rolling and kneading your cares away. A blissful blend!

The Rosemary Citron Sensation is an invigorating scrub, wrap, and massage. With a blend of rosemary fresh from our own Healing Garden and mineral-rich sea salts, plus circulation-stimulating citron oils and detoxifying herbal extracts, we’ll give you a revitalizing scrub that will leave your skin smooth and polished. It’s a rebalancing and purifying application using our deep forest body oils with notes of juniper and evergreen.

Rue La La: The area is so soothing! How does the setting come into play within the walls of the spa.
Lake Austin: The spa pulls elements from nature and the Texas Hill Country surroundings. Texas limestone walls, water features that begin at the spa and lead down a meandering path to the lake, cedar posts, and tin roofs reflect the casual, laid-back atmosphere of Austin and the hill country. Beautiful relaxation areas like the Blue Room are filled with art and antiques curated by owner Mike McAdams and serve as places to read, put your feet up, and even take an afternoon nap.

Rue La La: Any healthy-living tips that guests walk away with and can bring home to their everyday lives?
Lake Austin: One message we like to send home with our guests is consistency. It doesn’t matter if you stop and restart your workout routine or have short-term breaks due to the interferences of daily life. The point is to resume your program as soon as possible and not let minor setbacks throw you completely off track.

Our Lake Austin Spa Resort – Austin, TX Boutique opens Monday, January 23, 2012 at 11AM ET.

January 20, 2012