Little Rue How-To: DIY Crayon Art

What’s not to love about rainbow-bright artwork? For little ones – or just the young at heart – this quick, DIY wall art brings a serious splash of color to any room. Our art director Katie Sarna, DIY guru of What Katie Made, shares her tips for trying the trick at home.

What you need:
A glue gun with hot glue
2 boxes of crayons
Primed canvas
Trash bags

Step 1: Set out a trash bag on the floor next to an outlet.
Step 2: Plan your color palette (we went with rainbow) and pick out two crayons for each color.
Step 3: Using the glue gun, adhere the crayons vertically along the top of the canvas (note: traditional Elmers glue will melt down underneath the crayons).
Step 4: Let the glue cool.
Step 5: Then, holding the canvas up at a 45-degree angle, use the hairdryer to heat the crayons slowly and thoroughly, working your way from one side to the other as they melt.

January 19, 2012