‘Tis The Season Of Snooping

With sneaky kids and significant others tiptoeing around on the hunt for presents, we have to get a little crafty to keep hidden gifts out of sight and mind. We won’t blow any covers or name any names, but we posed the question, “What are some of the more crazy places that you’re hiding gifts?”

Play It Safe
“I am hiding mine in the storage facility in a safe. Others are in the trunk of the ‘summer’ car. Some are still at the store.”
– Information Security Officer

Dirty Laundry
“I hide ‘em in the dirty laundry bin – no one dares to snoop through there. I just make sure they are concealed in something!”
– Business Development Associate

Closet Encounters
“I placed a pair of gloves wrapped in a box in the linen closet underneath the too-small-flannel-fitted-sheet-set I haven’t used since the Clinton Administration.”
– Executive Assistant

Raise the Roof
“One year when I was little, my mom moved the ceiling tiles, stuffed the presents up there, and then put the tiles back in place.”
– Copywriter

What unusual hiding spots have you found yourself using?

December 19, 2011