Rue How-To: Shop Black Friday & Cyber Monday on Rue

No, we’re not braving any crowds or fighting over parking spots. Heck, we’re not even getting out of our pajamas. Here, our tips for hitting up the Rue on Black Friday (and Cyber Monday, too).

1. Look at the Boutique calendar and take a peek at the previews way in advance. Would the main squeeze prefer a luxe wristwatch or the silkiest sweater of cashmere? And for the neighbors – gourmet treats or holiday ornaments?

2. No matter what you think you’ll commit to memory, set reminders. Prioritize your list of Boutiques.

3. Confirm that your most recent address is listed. And that all of your information is correct for Quick! Buy it.

4. Sleep late – well, much later than you would if you were going to elbow your way to the front of those lines. Although setting your alarm clock wouldn’t hurt either.

5. Sign in at 11AM ET on the dot (ok, 10:59’s not a bad idea) and dash to the Boutique at the top of your list.

This year, Cyber Monday is starting early on Rue – Sunday night in fact. At 8PM ET, tune in to the Sunday Night Cyberthon for a jam-packed serving of style. Then come Monday, be sure to block off your calendar double time: 11AM ET for our usual Boutiques and 3PM ET for a second helping (and a second Today’s Fix, too!).

And maybe if you’re feeling extra generous, you’ll pick up a little something for you, too.

November 24, 2011