Time To Dish: Cartier Watches

We love ourselves some good wristwear. And when it comes to timepieces, there’s just something so special about Cartier. Here, we asked a few (very lucky) Rue colleagues about how they came to tell time with the French luxury watchmaker.

Jen F., Director of Creative Services
“I received mine as a Mother’s Day and wedding anniversary gift combo three years ago from my husband. It was my first official Mother’s Day – he said he wanted to get me something special and I didn’t hesitate to mention a Cartier two-tone Tank watch.”

Sally M., Little Rue Brand Management Director
“When one of my friends treated herself to the Panther, I decided that when I got the significant promotion I was hoping for, I would honor the achievement with the same watch – and I did. My daughter (12) knows that at a significant event in her life, she’ll get it as a gift.”

Ryan S., Event Coordinator
“I have a vintage Tank Commander. It’s been passed down in my family from my grandfather to my dad and now to me. I definitely want to keep the tradition alive and someday pass it on to my son or daughter. I feel like it’s something that should stay in the family.”

Rachel S., Copy Director
“I bought a Tank Francaise as a present for myself when I published a novel. It felt like a major purchase, but it’s been worth it – I look at it all day long, and I feel a surge of joy every single time. I’ll definitely pass it down – either to one of my nieces, or to a granddaughter if I have one. Whoever shows some interest and appreciation!”

Our From the Reserve: Cartier Watches Boutique opens Saturday, November 12, 2011 at 11AM ET.

November 12, 2011