Rue How-To: A Brooch Bouquet

We’re all about doing something unexpected (and extra eye-catching) in the flower department. So, we love the idea of this vintage-inspired brooch bouquet. Here, a stylish (and sparkling) alternative to white roses in just five easy steps.

1. Spray paint a Styrofoam ball metallic silver. To evenly distribute paint (and keep from making a mess), poke a pen into the bottom of the ball and spin as you spray.
2. Pick out your brooches. Keep them silver but go for an eclectic assortment. These can be a great way to tie in (ok, pin in) your something borrowed or something blue.
3. Stick each brooch in the ball using the pin back. For heavier brooches, wrap the backs with wire for a more secure stick.
4. Cut two dowels, both six inches long and about a half an inch wide, then stick them in the pen hole made in step 1.
5. Wrap the dowels with a piece of satin ribbon, securing the top and bottom ends with a glue gun.

October 13, 2011