The Style Rewind: Pan Am

Brush up on your German accent (according to this episode, it’s supposed to sound like a dog barking) and pack your dictionary, this week the Pan Am crew took on Berlin just in time for JFK’s speech. This time around, the glitz and glamour that we’ve come to expect from the series takes a back seat to the Cold War storyline. Nonetheless, there’s still style to be had.

A few sartorial highlights:

• The dress that Maggie wears to hear JFK speak. Oh orange poppies on a green and black patterned background – it’s no wonder that Michael of the Village Voice grants her that hard-to-be-had press pass.
• Now, do you know who looks dapper? Michael of the Village Voice. The brown suit buttoned over a crisp blue shirt and strung together via the skinny, earth-tone striped tie couldn’t possibly strike us as anything but debonair.
• Kate’s espionage shades. Apparently tortoise shell does wonders protecting your peepers and identity, while keeping an eye out for good taste.

What do you think of Pan Am so far? Can you add any other style highlights to our list?

October 12, 2011