NYFW Spring 2012 Designer Preview

NYFW Spring 2012 Designer Preview

So what were New York’s finest inspired by while working on their spring 2012 collections? Here, ten designers give us the lowdown in their own words.

“The neon graveyard – unrestored, faded, and broken neon signs that dot the landscape of Las Vegas and Coney Island.”

“One of my assistant designer’s grandparents owns a decrepit old house in the south and we ended up taking a trip down to see it in person. Half a mile from a bayou, surrounded by overgrown willow trees, and absolutely freaking fantastic – the air was so thick you could feel its weight when you walked around at night. My inspirations often originate from an amalgamation of nature and technology, and as soon as I got down there, I knew this was my starting place for the season. Weeks of development and research led us to a woman who is strong, magical, modern – and yet complex. She is our Minimalist Witchdoctor.”

“We were drawn to memories of the Tokyo skyline at dusk and wanted to capture that memory and create an inspired collection with the glamour of the Fifties and the edge of the Eighties.”

“This season was inspired by the Forties movies we watched in our hotel room while on a recent trip to Vietnam together.”

“Us. It’s always about us – what we are feeling, what we are thinking. Each season begins where the last season left off – and that’s all we can say about that.”

“As conveyed by photographer Ron van Dongen, the Spring/Summer 2012 Collection is an homage to the enchanting beauty and splendor of the tulip.”

“Modern urban women around the world. Our world is global – that’s how we approached this season.”

“Vintage Vietnam with a French European influence – old world, romantic, refined simplicity. The movie The Lover was a strong reference point – a romantic, innocent, refined woman who explores and breaks tradition by diving into a complex, dynamic and modern world. I feel like that’s a story that every woman can identify with.”

“I envisioned a girl in a home designed by Mexican architect Luis Barragán. I pictured her inside stumbling upon a deserted armoire, finding keepsakes in the sun-drenched hues Barragán is most known for.”

“My countless vacations to Capri and the style of the women who travel there.”

Lauren David Peden writes as a Contributing Editor for Rue La La.

September 7, 2011