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With our The Rue Golf Club Boutique coming up, we turned to the expert to get her tips on what to wear – and pack – for a day on the course.

What are some style trends you’ve been seeing on the greens? We’re ready for your tips!
Looking stylish on the green while also being able to play the game comfortably is key for golfers. First off, look for technical fabrics that have the ability to wick moisture away from the body, decrease unpleasant odors, offer sun protection, and that don’t pill or wrinkle – these have been making their way into the golf world pretty steadily.

Men shouldn’t be afraid to try polos that are brightly colored, striped, or patterned with jacquard or argyle prints. This is a great way to stay true to traditional golf wear while taking a fashion plunge. Cargo shorts are also making their way onto golf courses, so know that it’s okay to be a little nontraditional. Cargo shorts will keep you cool in the heat, and the pockets are great for storing extra tees, golf balls, and any other essentials.

Women are able to look feminine by sporting silhouettes that are more form-fitting and less frumpy. Printed skorts and pants are a big trend, along with traditional argyle and striped tops. For the edgier golfer, embellishments like studs, beading, and Swarovski stones are also a leading look.

What’s the “it” color for men and women on the course?
Women are hot in all shades of pink while the gents tend to be cool in the lighter hues of blue.

Which men’s and women’s pieces transition best from the course to dinner at the clubhouse?
The ladies can slip on a pair of cute flats or heels and instantly look chic in their golf dress or golf skirt. Men can look sharp by donning their favorite sport coat over their polo and flat-front khakis. The hardest piece to transition is shorts for both men and women.

Can golfers mix patterns in an outfit?
Golf is a fun sport and nothing says fun like mixing patterns on the course. The key to not going overboard with the mix is to keep the patterns in the same color family, so if you’re wearing a pair of pink plaid shorts, opt for a pink argyle vest.

Do you have any no-fail guidelines for accessories?
My no-fail guideline for accessories is: Yes please, the more the merrier! Take a risk and try a hat like a straw fedora or a stylish visor that will instantly upgrade a golf look – not just a baseball cap. Wear fun patterned socks, pick shoes with trendy metallics or bold colors. As far as belts go, try a colorful ribbon belt. The smallest accessories allow you to take the biggest, boldest risk.

We’re seeing funkier and funkier golf shoes – what’s a style recommendation for people looking to get a little edgier in the footwear department?
Leopard print shoes for the ladies and bold hues like dark blue or orange — even green for the gents! It’s fun – go ahead and try it.

What are the essentials for packing for a day on the course?
Let’s face it: Nothing is worse than losing your ball and not having an extra one, or getting caught in the middle of a rainstorm and not having an umbrella to hide under. This is why it’s important to have an emergency backup kit in your bag. Golf balls and tees, sunscreen (if you forget, you can always ask to borrow the cart girl’s), umbrella, granola bar or fruit-and-nut mix (so your blood sugar levels remain constant), bottle of water (my rule of thumb is to drink about 3 ounces of water or Gatorade for every hole played), and a hair tie are all musts to have on hand.

Tell us about your golf style icons – both classic golf style and nontraditional golf style?
Vintage photos from the late 70s always inspire me. Of Nancy Lopez, before she cut her hair. Katharine Hepburn’s golf course style in Pat and Mike. There’s also a scene in Ordinary People with Mary Tyler Moore and Donald Sutherland confronting each other on a golf course and I’m always too distracted by how well they are both dressed. For the boys, I love Arnold Palmer past, present, and always, and Johnny Miller’s look from the 70s. I’m totally having a 70s love affair at the moment!

What makes a great gift for a golfer?
I hate the idea that there’s one thing that’s great for ALL golfer’s — we come in all shapes and sizes with all sorts of tastes. For some it’s that special club, for others it could just be a polo from their favorite course — I say shop for the individual not just the golfer.

What’s your all-time favorite golf-themed gift that you’ve ever received?
A set of hot pink golf balls from a gentleman I was playing golf with for the first time. I liked that they were so feminine and over the top. When he gave them to me, I laughed for 15 minutes — I loved that he totally got my sense of humor — the irony of playing with pink balls!

As we head into fall, how should golfers prepare themselves for the cooling temperatures?
Layers, layers, and more layers. I’d rather have a lightweight sweater, and wear it under a lightweight windbreaker or anorak. It’s just so much easier to pile on or peel off instead of committing to one heavy and cumbersome piece. I love vests for this very reason.

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