Things Our Father Gave Us

Happy Father's Day

In honor of Father’s Day, we asked our colleagues around the office about their favorite passed-down-from-papa pieces and were moved (almost) to tears.

Ira M., EVP & Chief Merchandising Officer
“My grandfather gave me his father’s silver pocket watch. I wore it on my wedding day, and even though neither my grandfather nor great grandfather were there, in some way, it felt as if they were sharing the day with me. I keep it in a safe place and look forward to passing it on to my son one day.”

Rachel S., Copy Director
“My father gave me his prep school letter sweater. It’s now about 65 years old. I love the thick navy wool, classic boat neck shape, and giant maroon “B” – in high school I wore it with jeans and felt so cool. Today, it’s on a display ledge in my closet. I loved the nostalgic look of it, but more than that, I love knowing that my dad was once a kid, and that he wanted me to have this. It’s like he’s sharing his dreams with me.”

Lauren D., Lead Stylist
“My absolute favorite item I have from my dad is his Woolrich cream, brown, and green plaid wool lumberjack-type jacket from the ’70s. My mother wore it when she was pregnant with me! I wear it sometimes in the fall, and have used it in a shoot before.”

Graham K., Art Director
“I have an oversized T-shirt from my dad’s college fraternity days. It’s steel blue with handstitched Greek letters. But the best part about it? I also have a picture of him wearing it with a giant pet snake around his neck. It’s undeniable: in college my father was one hell of a cool guy. And still is!”

Amy B., Corporate Concierge
“My Dad taught me how to play softball – we’d spend hours in the backyard, playing catch. When I started in mini-minors, he gave me his old baseball glove. It’s perfectly oiled, has that old leather smell, and says “Boots” on it (which is now my nickname, too). I still play catch with it, 20 years later.”

June 18, 2011