NYFW 2011: Trend Alert – Hats Off!


Hats Off

OK, so we’ve already discussed most of Fall 2011’s major trends here on the Rue La La New York Fashion Week blog series and during our Facebook Live Chat on Thursday (to recap the biggies: the color red, layers, long skirts, black platform booties, statement coats, ‘90s/grunge influences, and lots and lots o’ fur).

In addition to the above, hats had a starring role on the New York runways this week. And while there were all sorts of toppers on display — berets, turbans, furry trapper hats — the style that got the most play and looked freshest to my eye was the wide-brimmed floppy hat and its distant cousin, the fedora.

They turned up on the runway at Rebecca Minkoff, Diane von Furstenberg, Tommy Hilfiger and Marc by Marc, adorned the heads of many models at the Chris Benz and Global Glam presentations, and capped the wonderfully austere looks (quite literally) at the Giulietta debut of NYFW newbie, Sofia Sizzi.

This is good news for fashion lovers, as a wide-brimmed hat looks terrific on many different face shapes and, unlike a beret or fur topper, doesn’t give you hat head. And even with a wide or floppy brim, a structured hat feels somehow more dressed up, more pulled together — and makes it seem like you put more effort into your look — than a knit hat ever could. Maybe it’s the fact that a wide-brimmed hat adds instant panache to any outfit, or the sense of Mad Men propriety and refinement it evokes without your ever having to say a word. Whatever the reason, I’m really feeling this trend for fall — and I saw more than one stylish young woman rocking the look at the tents this week (and I have the photos to prove it)! So go ahead, ladies. Flip your lid. I promise you’ll be happy you did.

[One small suggestion: Be sure to wear your hat ever-so-slightly big so it fits comfortably on your head without slipping down over your eyes. That way, the band won’t dig into your forehead and leave an unsightly line when you take it off. You don’t want folks thinking you’ve had a lobotomy now, do you? Didn’t think so.]

Lauren David Peden has been hired by Rue La La for her reporting at New York Fashion Week.

February 24, 2011