Let It Rue: Pomegranate Martini


Sonoma Syrup Co.

We love having a signature drink on hand for holiday parties and impromptu guests. We were looking for something frosty, festive, and sophisticated, and this cheerful red pomegranate martini recipe from Sonoma Syrup felt both playful and posh. Sonoma Syrup Co. is our latest discovery, and the best friend of any budding or seasoned mixologist. We love how their syrups and infusers instantly take cocktails, coffee drinks, and seasonal concoctions to the next level.

Step 1.
Leave festive glasses in the freezer so they’re always ready and chilled for whenever the mood (or the guests) strikes.

Step 2.
Combine ½-ounce Sonoma Pomegranate Syrup, 1½-ounce vodka, and a splash of Cointreau in a cocktail shaker, and shake with ice.

Step 3.
Strain mixture into a chilled glass.

Step 4.
Garnish. We love the over-the-top ruby look of three maraschino cherries together on a cocktail spear.

Step 5.

STYLE NOTE: You don’t have to slave away in the kitchen shaking cocktails all night. Pick two of your guests and give them a training session, then let them make the next batch until they want to anoint the next shift. It becomes a fun party activity – and you get to mingle. Or hang out by the mistletoe.

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December 10, 2010