Five-Minute Pow-Wow: The Well-Heeled Guru On Adding Yoga to Your Exercise Regime


Yoga Tips

1. Take it slow.
When starting – or continuing – your yoga workouts, make sure to take it slow and focus on your alignment. Go too fast, and injury could be in your near future. A reasonable pace is just as important for a newbie as for the seasoned practitioner! This is something I wish I had known when I started.

2. Downward dog dot com.
If you constantly find yourself pressed for time, try an online yoga course (I recommend – many are customizable to your style, level, instructor, and time. While nothing beats a real instructor’s hand or voice, it can be a great complement to a studio class.

3. Earn workout points.
While including yoga in your exercise regimen is great for the stretching, focused breath work, and the potential for a mindful, relaxed state of being, you should also feel free to “count” it as your workout. I’m not shy to admit it – I have the best abs and guns from a few focused hours practicing yoga, which I was never able to achieve after many focused hours at the gym.

The Our Yoga Favorites Boutique – featuring some of Doreen’s Plank creations – opens Tuesday, October 26.

October 26, 2010