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Desert Boots

Also known as the chukka or turf boot, these are ankle-length and usually made from calfskin or suede. The style epitomizes versatility and timelessness, adding English smartness to any combination. The popularity of these boots stretches back to the late 1940s and 1950s, when they were a staple of off-duty British military officers. And after the war, the beatniks became enamored.

The classic boots were essential to the urban poets of the Greenwich Village café set. Bob Dylan wore them. Ten years later, they moved from the avant-garde to the mainstream, popping up at campuses like Princeton, Yale, and Dartmouth.

Today, what was once a military officer’s staple works in the tucked-in office, or on the weekend with your feet up. And it’s underscored by its long history of cool.

September 17, 2010