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Land Rover Driving School

It’s every adventure’s dream: to get behind the wheel of a rugged Land Rover on an action-packed obstacle course. And with Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and graduation right around the corner, making this (not-so-dangerous-after-all) dream a reality is the ultimate present. We sat down with a seasoned Land Rover driving instructor to get the scoop on what this day of driving is really like.

Rue La La: Say we buy dad a turn at driving school. What could he expect?
Josh: All of our lessons are customized for the guest. We teach a thought process. That is the best way to learn a new skill. Make it fun and you have the student hooked. We take beginners who have never been off road and make them confident behind the wheel. We also work with experienced drivers who haven’t been off road for awhile. Our school is almost like a driver’s education for off roading.

Rue La La: So is this a life-changing experience?
Josh: Our hope is that the student will remember the basics and have fun in the time they have with us. And who knows – maybe even go out on their own one day.

Rue La La: We picture the Equinox course like something out of an Indiana Jones movie.
Josh: It’s all purpose-built with uphills, downhills, side slopes, log crossings, and lots of rock. It is designed to teach anything the guest is looking to learn. We have a winter course and a non-winter course. We run the same obstacles in both, but the non-winter course is more technical, which means more wheels off the ground and higher in the air.

Rue La La: What’s the fastest speed you’ve ever driven and where?
Josh: 165 mph in a NASCAR at Charlotte Motor Speedway in NC. It was with the Richard Petty Driving School. I’m a North Carolina boy, so we all dream of going fast in a big circle. 

The Equinox – a Luxury Collection Golf Resort and Spa Boutique Opens Wednesday, April 7 at 11AM.

April 6, 2010


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    Awesome!! I would love to go off road.

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    Just purchased this for my husband. He has always wanted the experience when we have visited the Biltmore in Asheville. He is a car lover, and has attended many driving schools, so this right up his alley. Im so excited for him

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    Nice integration.

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    Sounds exciting! I can’t believe I missed this one. Is there another off road driving package that will be available soon? Please let me know. I’ve always wanted to try off road.