Rue How-To: Men’s Spring 2010 Fashion Guide

We’re bringing you the freshest ways to wear spring trends. And now it’s the men’s turn. Here’s how to…

Make a T-shirt look unique: “I always look for T-shirts that are a little tighter at the arms. If it bells out at all, I cuff the sleeves to give it a cool 50’s vibe. Try wearing a chain – nothing tacky – never gold. In the winter, I like to layer a longsleeve shirt underneath. You can always wear a vest or blazer over a T to dress it up a bit, or sometimes I even wear a tighter T with suspenders because its fun. Another trick I do is take a wet T shirt, roll it up in a ball, wrap elastics around it and let it dry, so when you put it on it has a cool wrinkled look.” – Evan, Stylist

Rock denim: “There are three washes that are important going into 2010: Slightly faded jeans, original blue jeans, and dirty-wash denim. And right now, classic rugged-looking denim jackets are in. If you go denim on denim, make sure the two shades are different. You never want to look like a denim sheet! I like to dress up a pair of jeans with a blazer and tee for a casual/sporty look. Altering denim is ok – but make sure you always keep the original hem! – Mike, Director, Brand Management

Sport sneakers (the right way): “Sneakers shouldn’t be an afterthought. They should complete a look the way eyeglasses or a fedora do. Get beyond canvas. They are great, but there is also leather, which is a nice way to dress up jeans. Add a twist to what may be mundane. A pair of chucks with pinstriped pants and a well-pressed shirt. And lastly, running sneakers are for running.”Brendan, Art Director

Incorporate a pop of color: “You don’t have to look ridiculous to incorporate color. I like to wear absurdly bright things now and then (just ask my girlfriend). Some of my favorite bright items are scarves, ties, or shoes. Even though the winter is kind of coming to a close, something like a solid green scarf can completely change your look. Try a plain button-down tucked into clean, dark jeans with a bright tie or a subtly colored plaid/thin-striped shirt with a solid tie. I also like boat shoes any time of the year – they’re incredibly comfortable with or without socks and they don’t just come in a standard brown leather anymore. If you think you can pull it off, wear navy boat shoes with a brick red sole. Knowing how to incorporate little pops of color can definitely set a man apart.” – Austin, Product Writer

Take the time to accessorize: “Accessories are the finishing touch to any great outfit and the details are what people remember. A well-fitted T and a nice pair of jeans are fine alone, but add a leather wristband and an eye-catching belt and you’ve upped your game. Necklaces aren’t only for ladies! I like to wear mine with V-neck T-shirts and sporty button-downs. Silver is ideal, and men, please leave the chokers for your dog. An average leather wallet will do just fine by day, but by night, up your game with a money clip. Unless of course you like the Sponge Bob Square Butt look your wallet creates.”
Domonic, Designer

What are you making room in your closet for this spring?

February 9, 2010