Rue How-To: Women’s Spring 2010 Fashion Guide

At Rue La La, we live for the new. We blow through stacks of magazines and update our Ooh La La Trends board all the time. Check out how the women of Rue La La are rocking this spring’s most anticipated trends (and come back tomorrow for our men’s How To Guide!). From evening pieces during the day to wearing a spring dress now, we’re breaking it all down. Here’s how to…

Mix patterns: “The most important thing is to have a contrast in scale. Mixing two small ditsy prints won’t work. Break it up with something larger and more open. I like a super feminine print with one that’s more masculine and geometric. Finding a good tag-team is like finding a man. Nothing wrong with trying a few on to see what works!” – Ashley, Designer

Wear a spring dress now: “Wear it with tights, boots, layers, and top it off with a cashmere sweater. Offset a floral dress with leather or dark colors to make it look less spring-y.” Tarah, Art Director

Rock a denim jacket: “I love denim jackets with sleek black pieces and as a foil for prints. They’re a great way to add texture and a casual vibe to an outfit. Go for ones that are fitted – when on the cusp of two sizes, size down. Get playful with accessories – try belting them, pairing with scarves, and playing the high/low game with serious jewelry. Play with the jacket itself too – push up the sleeves and even pop the collar.” – Rachel, Style Editor

Instantly update plaid: “Choose a loose-fitting style, and pair with fitted bottoms to balance out the proportions. Keep the rest of the look simple and sleek. I like a plaid flannel button-down with super distressed jeans with dressier accessories – high-heeled pumps or boots and fabulous jewelry (maybe a cocktail ring or fancy earrings) to mix it up and dress up the typically dressed-down style. The key is proportion and the perfect balance of dressy and casual… downtown cool, not sloppy.” – Callie, Boutique Producer

Wear a turtleneck: “The trick is sticking to something tight or something loose-fitting. Anything in between looks weird. And then add lots of long necklaces.” – Katie, Product Writer

Wear an oversized sweater: “I look for cropped styles that have a swingy fit – and I wear over something fitted. If you are tall and thin you can get away with a slouchy pair of jeans or pants on the bottom, but funk it up with some platforms. Also, dropped seams on the shoulder can create a slim effect through the arm and shoulder, which balances out the bulkiness.” – Callista, Stylist

Incorporate evening pieces during the day: “Try pairing with some really dressed-down pieces. For your crazy evening heels, wear them with a worn-in pair of boyfriend jeans. Cuff the jeans to show the shoes off. Or with your fancy jewelry, like a heavy jeweled necklace, pair it with a totally laid-back T-shirt. Throw in a fitted blazer and you have the perfect outfit!” – Lauren, Stylist

Wear a poncho: “They can seem a little scary at first, but once you figure out how to wear it, the poncho is a go-to item. Always pair with boots and skinny jeans, and make sure to wear a fitted top underneath.” – Brittany, Assistant Stylist

February 8, 2010