A Day in the Life of… Rusty the Boxer


They say every dog has his day. But Rusty’s days might just inspire a little bit of doggie envy. Our favorite canine model, Rusty, an adorable brown boxer, has appeared in lookbooks like GANT and Horny Toad. Maybe you’ve seen him in our “Behind the Scenes” Facebook album. His owner, Lauren, a Rue La La stylist, can’t get over how much our Members love her pup, and sat down to give us a behind-the-scenes look at a day in the life of our four-legged friend when he comes to work at Rue La La.

“Rusty wakes up bright and early and breakfast is served! But on the days he goes to Rue La La he’s often way too excited to eat!”

“I pack his lunch and put his jacket on, and we head out for the hour drive. I always bring a couple of chew toys for the ride to keep him busy. Rusty tries to sit up front with me (sometimes I give in) and once we hit Boston, I open the car window because he loves to stick his head outside to see the city.”

“Literally, the second we get to the office and step out of the car, Rusty races toward the building and heads straight to the photo studio – it’s hysterical. He parks himself in the middle of the room and just waits patiently for people to arrive.”

“Once the models arrive, Rusty likes to explore the makeup room while everyone gets their hair and makeup done. He’s a HUGE flirt. This may sound strange, but he loves smooth legs. He’s constantly rubbing up against the girls and giving everyone leg kisses!”

“After he’s done greeting everyone, it’s time for Rusty to get his turn in the makeup room. On the days that he’s being photographed, we clean out his little eye boogies, and make sure he’s not slobbery.”

“Around noon, the photo studio breaks for lunch. Everyone loves taking him out, so we usually take turns bringing him outside for a little walk.”

“On set, sometimes Rusty can get a little distracted. So to keep him focused, we give him cheese.”

3PM – end of day
“After he’s done shooting, Rusty likes to relax and play with his toys and hang out on set until his day is done. On the way home, Rusty always falls asleep. He has so much energy and gets so much attention all day, that by the time we wrap up he’s totally wiped out. Sometimes I can’t believe he was the runt of his litter. For someone who was so small, he certainly knows how to make a big impression!”

February 2, 2010